Want to dive deeper into a topic and come out of it with useful takeaways? Workshops are great for exploration in a creative setting, being it in your corporate office or for your social club, let’s discuss life topics in a constructive manner.

Workshops can be adjusted to your needs. Reach out to learn more.

Learn Impactful Change Strategies In Short Interactive Sessions

Work Life balance (1.5 h)

We all know the perks of work life balance and know how important it is to achieve it. In this workshop we learn tricks on how to take a step back from work when needed, how to be mindful in both work and life settings and discuss how it benefits both you and your employer when you are more balanced. We do this by going through specific situations where we find it hard to draw the line between work and life and learn different strategies on how you can achieve a more balanced approach to life – especially during times of work from home.

In person or virtual.
Price: 145 USD

Growing confidence (1h)

We all have times of doubt in ourselves. It’s a normal state in life. We could all use a little more confidence in our lives, being it to speak up during meetings, lead projects with confidence or talk in front of a senior audience. In this workshop, we move our focus to the things we are good at, that give us comfort and make us proud of ourselves and learn how that can translate to various settings in life. Everyone can be confident, and everyone

In person or virtual.
Price: 99 USD

mental health 101 (1.5h)

Mental health is a board topic and often misunderstood. Many believe in order to talk about mental health you first need to be mentally ill, which is of course not the case. In this workshop we discuss struggles people might come across, learn how to recognize them in others and what we can do to support and help. It’s important to be conscious about what mental health means and how you can prevent struggles before they happen. We talk about stigma and learn to break down the barrier bit by bit on mental health.

In person or virtual.
Price: 145 USD

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