Want to dive deeper into a topic and come out of it with useful takeaways? Workshops are great for exploration in a creative setting, being it in your corporate office or for your social club, let’s discuss life topics in a constructive manner.

Workshops can be adjusted to your needs. Reach out to learn more.

Learn Impactful Change Strategies In Short Interactive Sessions

Navigating Through Change (1.5 h)

We get good at change by going through it

Each organization, each person goes through change. Yet, it can get exhausting and destabilizing. In their workshop we spend time exploring what change means to us and how we can be empowered by it. By becoming familiar and comfortable with the concept of change, we explore then how a specific change can give you certainty and comfort.

In person or virtual.
Price: 145 USD

change how you see yourself (1h)

Become a holistic version of yourself

We all have times of doubt in ourselves. It’s a normal state in life. We could all use a little more confidence in our lives, being it to speak up during meetings, lead projects with confidence or talk in front of a senior audience. In this workshop, we move our focus to the things we are good at, that give us comfort and make us proud of ourselves. We also learn how that can translate to various settings in life. Everyone can be confident. With exercises focused on the individual and internal insights, you will learn how to project the light you find within outwards.

In person or virtual.
Price: 99 USD

Change How you Work (1.5h)

How to be more effective

We often neglect the biggest thing that makes us more productive: Doing less. In this workshop we understand how to channel our focus and how we become more balanced employees by focusing on our mental health, making sure we have a good blend between work and life and exploring what our strengths are in order to thrive in the workplace.

In person or virtual.
Price: 145 USD

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