Can You Change How People Think Of You?

Yes you can and at the same time only kind of. There are many books about how to influence people (one of my favourite’s is the 1930s classic “How to make friends and Influence people”) or how to become an effective networker. Everyone wants to be liked. There is no exception. Everyone wants to beContinue reading “Can You Change How People Think Of You?”

The Fruits of Being Unproductive

When Lock down looks like Procrastination Lock Down is a new concept for everyone. Never has this generation or the last been forced to stay home and live life with so many restrictions. A lot of us feel a little lost. The usual day to day things we were used to have now gone. EvenContinue reading “The Fruits of Being Unproductive”

The Power of Toxic Positivity

I’ve always been a big fan of positivity and always will be. There are so many benefits to having a positive mindset. Life seems easier when you look at things from a more favorable angel, for example I just decide to take everything as a compliment, no matter how someone meant it. It makes meContinue reading “The Power of Toxic Positivity”