Figuring Out Friendships – Part 3 – “Why should we be friends?”

Why should you become friends with someone – and what are reasons you shouldn’t? I’m more the merrier type. If someone is kind, open and interesting I am more than willing to let them into my life. If they want to be a part of my life that is. As mentioned in a previous postContinue reading “Figuring Out Friendships – Part 3 – “Why should we be friends?””

Figuring Out Friendships – Series Part 2: How do you make friends?

(especially when you are older) Making friends is like dating. Two strangers meeting – either consciously or coincidentally, either hitting it off or barely getting through small talk. Sometimes there is a spark and sometimes there isn’t. This part of two strangers meeting is the most vital part – somehow at some time, you mustContinue reading “Figuring Out Friendships – Series Part 2: How do you make friends?”

Figuring Out Friendships – Series Part 1

Why don’t we talk about Friendships? Managing friendships is something that is rarely talked about. Psychologists often deal with family dynamics, coaches (like me) with self love, there are many books on romantic relationships and how to deal with any differences. Even books on parenting are plentiful. Yet friendships is often a topic that isContinue reading “Figuring Out Friendships – Series Part 1”