Can We Change Our Own Perception?

I do doubt that there is a way for us to see the world fully objectively, untied to the pretenses we have installed. I don’t think people have the capability to see the world through an unfiltered lens. As scary and illogical as that sounds. And perhaps that is a good thing.

Can You Change How People Think Of You?

Yes you can and at the same time only kind of. There are many books about how to influence people (one of my favourite’s is the 1930s classic “How to make friends and Influence people”) or how to become an effective networker. Everyone wants to be liked. There is no exception. Everyone wants to beContinue reading “Can You Change How People Think Of You?”

When You Can’t Change Life The Way You Want – Covid Edition.

Covid has changed all our lives. It has limited our freedom and molded our lives in ways far beyond our control. It seems like a little price to pay, where others have had to pay much higher prices. I urge you to not give up on the change you want to see in your life but rather to be creative. Don’t let yourself become passive. Continue to be a driver of a life you want to see being lived by you.

Why It’s Totally Normal to Be Tired of Change

I am tired of the world constantly seeking to make things faster and better than it’s been the day before. It is destabilizing. Why can’t it be than a month before? Why can’t we wait? I heard a quote the other week saying “this is the slowest it will ever be again” and it was so terrifying.