Life Coaching

When Things Change Inside You, Things Change Around You

Make Change Work for You.

Virtual or in Person.

I’m here to help you take control of your life and take control over change. It can be to manage change or to enforce change. Change is the one constant in life and often out of our control and completely overwhelming, that’s why it fascinates me.

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There are two ways we can conduct life coaching sessions.

Option 1: Go with the Flow. (45 USD)
We just meet once and see how far we go. We can chat for an hour and see what things we tap into. We can explore them more later or perhaps you feel you received everything you wanted in that one session.


Option Two: Get the Whole Package. (200 USD)
Life coaching package. The coaching process would be set up as follows:

Session 1: Information Gathering – lets meet and get to know each other as well as define your objective & goals as well as time period
Session 2: Transformation Phase Part 1 – together lets break down your obstacles and find out where we can work on the change (self-awareness & inner resources)
Session 3: Transformation Phase Part 2 – we’ll find out where your stuck states are and tackle those, what from your past stops you for tacking your future and your goals
Session 4: Integration Phase – lets discuss how we can make sure any change is integrated in your life and do exercises on how we can accomplish that
Session 5: Check in/ Wrap Up – check in how the integration went, what worked and what didn’t and how it is effecting your goal

These are a rough outline of the process. The first session is 1h, the rest of the sessions are 45min.

Payment can be made by paypal, paylah, venmo, bank account transfer/ wire. The timeline as well as the time between the session varies on the person and the topic.

Reach out to me on the contact page for any questions or comment below!

We can also chat via Premium Chat.


  • Master in Social Sciences – Psychology, University of Zurich Switzerland
  • International Association of Professional Life Coaches
  • iNLP Master Practioner



  1. Nika is a fantastic life coach, with a gift for all the things a good life coach should be. She’s an amazing and compassionate listener, with a great understanding for which things to tackle and how to successfully approach them to drive successful change. I can’t recommend her enough!


  2. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around Nika — she is a bright, caring person who always steers you towards solutions rather than letting you dwell on your problems (all with a cheery, positive attitude). What a joy to be around!


  3. Time with Nika is very well spent. Her empathy and deep ability to listen is matched by her constructive candor and ability to motivate. She’s a skilled problem solver, but more impactful is her ability to aid you in solving the problem for yourself.


  4. I felt “stuck” in my day-to-day life and didn’t know what should come next. I connected with Nika, and she helped me reshape how I viewed my current situation and helped me form a game plan for the future. She’s truly inspirational!


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