Can We Change Our Own Perception?

I do doubt that there is a way for us to see the world fully objectively, untied to the pretenses we have installed. I don’t think people have the capability to see the world through an unfiltered lens. As scary and illogical as that sounds. And perhaps that is a good thing.

Why It’s Totally Normal to Be Tired of Change

I am tired of the world constantly seeking to make things faster and better than it’s been the day before. It is destabilizing. Why can’t it be than a month before? Why can’t we wait? I heard a quote the other week saying “this is the slowest it will ever be again” and it was so terrifying.

Figuring Out Friendships – Part 3 – “Why should we be friends?”

Why should you become friends with someone – and what are reasons you shouldn’t? I’m more the merrier type. If someone is kind, open and interesting I am more than willing to let them into my life. If they want to be a part of my life that is. As mentioned in a previous postContinue reading “Figuring Out Friendships – Part 3 – “Why should we be friends?””

How do you shed the weight of expectations?

Losing body weight is easier than getting rid of the weight of expectations. I’m mainly referring to the silent expectations people have towards one another, that are rarely verbalized but also the ones we have towards ourselves, that we barely know are even there or where they came from

The Wounds We Carry Every Day

Emotional Baggage No one has had a pain free life. All of us have had some pain inflicted on us either by other people or through traumas that have happened in our lives. We carry these around with us unaware of their existence, like scars on our back we are not able to see andContinue reading “The Wounds We Carry Every Day”

Love in the Time of Covid-19

Managing a romantic relationship during quarantine and lock down Romantic relationships are a wonderful addition to life. Having a partner that loves you, gives you affection and goes through life with you no matter what challenges are thrown at you is a privilege. Yet as everyone in a romantic relationship knows, it doesn’t come easy.Continue reading “Love in the Time of Covid-19”

Dealing with Lock Down Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of the less fortunate circumstances we can find ourselves in. Not knowing what will happen next, how the next couple of months or weeks will look like or when this new state of lock down will end causes anxiety, irritation and confusion for most of us. Even for those of us thatContinue reading “Dealing with Lock Down Uncertainty”