Figuring Out This Thing Called “Networking”

When you start out with your career, one of the first things people will say to you is that you need to network. Apparently there is this magical power networking has – its supposed to open more doors for you when it comes to promotions or hearing about company news, staying informed about strategic decisionsContinue reading “Figuring Out This Thing Called “Networking””

Sometimes It’s Just Hard to Get Over A Hump

You can’t be motivated all the time. Sure- if you are unhappy, don’t feel challenged and its hard to get up every morning for longer then two weeks – you are not getting over a hump you are in a rut and you really need to change something. Fast. But, if sometimes you just wonderContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Just Hard to Get Over A Hump”

How To: Be a Loud Person in a Quiet Office Setting

Some people are just loud. Their voice is louder, their presence is louder, their movements are heavier. Although this is usually welcome in settings with a large amount of people – say the high school hall wall, the stock exchange or a football field – an office is not a place that is welcoming toContinue reading “How To: Be a Loud Person in a Quiet Office Setting”

How To: Survive the Office World an Introvert

The world is set up so it works for extroverts. Speaking confidently, saying your opinion, being able to promote yourself – all qualities that are valued in this highly competitive society. We seem to be in such a winning society – at a young age kids start winning awards in school, performing or being calledContinue reading “How To: Survive the Office World an Introvert”

When You are Awkward – And have to Find a Way to Live With It

Everyone of us has awkward moments in the office. The moments where someone tells you “Have a good day” and you answer with “Fine thank you how are you?”. Or you ask a question at a town hall and no one understands what you said. Or you ask about your co-workers baby and they sayContinue reading “When You are Awkward – And have to Find a Way to Live With It”

Dealing with An Unexpected performance review

I have yet to meet a person that gets excited about performance reviews. Performance reviews cause quiet a lot of anxiety. One of the reasons is because no matter how well you do during the year and how great all the feedback was – you never know if your boss assessed the work the sameContinue reading “Dealing with An Unexpected performance review”

If It Smells like Fish – It’s Usually Fish. Same goes for Sexism.

There are some cases in my every day life where I am not too sure if I am being treated differently due to the fact that I am a woman or not. Sometimes I wonder to myself, if it could be a combination of things, such as age, rank or job description – not justContinue reading “If It Smells like Fish – It’s Usually Fish. Same goes for Sexism.”

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