Sometimes It’s Just Hard to Get Over A Hump

You can’t be motivated all the time. Sure- if you are unhappy, don’t feel challenged and its hard to get up every morning for longer then two weeks – you are not getting over a hump you are in a rut and you really need to change something. Fast. But, if sometimes you just wonderContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Just Hard to Get Over A Hump”

How To: Be a Loud Person in a Quiet Office Setting

Some people are just loud. Their voice is louder, their presence is louder, their movements are heavier. Although this is usually welcome in settings with a large amount of people – say the high school hall wall, the stock exchange or a football field – an office is not a place that is welcoming toContinue reading “How To: Be a Loud Person in a Quiet Office Setting”

How To: Survive the Office World an Introvert

The world is set up so it works for extroverts. Speaking confidently, saying your opinion, being able to promote yourself – all qualities that are valued in this highly competitive society. We seem to be in such a winning society – at a young age kids start winning awards in school, performing or being calledContinue reading “How To: Survive the Office World an Introvert”

When You are Awkward – And have to Find a Way to Live With It

Everyone of us has awkward moments in the office. The moments where someone tells you “Have a good day” and you answer with “Fine thank you how are you?”. Or you ask a question at a town hall and no one understands what you said. Or you ask about your co-workers baby and they sayContinue reading “When You are Awkward – And have to Find a Way to Live With It”

Dealing with An Unexpected performance review

I have yet to meet a person that gets excited about performance reviews. Performance reviews cause quiet a lot of anxiety. One of the reasons is because no matter how well you do during the year and how great all the feedback was – you never know if your boss assessed the work the sameContinue reading “Dealing with An Unexpected performance review”

If It Smells like Fish – It’s Usually Fish. Same goes for Sexism.

There are some cases in my every day life where I am not too sure if I am being treated differently due to the fact that I am a woman or not. Sometimes I wonder to myself, if it could be a combination of things, such as age, rank or job description – not justContinue reading “If It Smells like Fish – It’s Usually Fish. Same goes for Sexism.”

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