Could Holding a Grudge be Healthy for you?

A grudge is rarely associated with anything positive. On the contrary, as my friend Anna (her name is not Anna) put it – we are conditioned to believe by society that it is something bad for you. Sayings like “Let it go” and “Forgiveness is key to happiness” are modern day mantras to living aContinue reading “Could Holding a Grudge be Healthy for you?”

Why You Forget The Most Important Thing – Yourself

In a society,  in a family, there is little room for an individual. It goes against the basic sense of what a society is, a group of people deciding to come together. Focusing on yourself is not encouraged, rather looking out for others – if a mother,  you must nurture the family. If you areContinue reading “Why You Forget The Most Important Thing – Yourself”

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