The Importance of Having a Ton of Fun

Change Your Life By Having More Fun

It’s gravely important to have fun in life. It’s one of the key motivators. It’s what helps us get through hardship, grief, discontent and boredom. Fun is equal to joy and adventure. It rejuvinates us, adds happiness, lightness and wellbeing into our lives. Yet we often think fun is something for children and teenagers. As we get older, we are flooded with responsibilities & obligations. Work, rent, taxes, insurance. Fun automatically diminishes. So we presume it is just not something that is a part of adult life. This is fundamentally wrong.

How can something like fun be limited to an age group? It’s like saying happiness or curiousity should only be a linited part of our lives. Life is short and by no means easy. Fun is what gives us the energy to keep going and helps us see life for what it is: A short ride full of ups and downs.

Fun can be whatever you define it to be. People think fun has one way of being- usually a game, adventure or a sport. People say things like Ziplining, Tennis or Disneyland (full disclosure – I consider neither of those fun in the slightest way). But fun can be whatever sparks joy in your life. Make it specific to you. It can be reading, playing with your dog, watching true crime – whatever reenergizes you and makes you feel alive. For me, it’s dance parties in the living room. Baths with wine. Playing my ukelele and walking my dog. Everyone is different and so is everyone’s way of recharging. Don’t feel under pressure to do what others consider fun- this will only make you feel more drained.

Have fun while exploring what fun means for you. Whatever it is, make sure to dedicate time to it in your every day life. Fun shouldn’t be for holidays or weekends – you never know how many of those you have left. You will find yourself happier and more content with a little bit of more fun in your life.


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