Change Your Morning Routine To Change Your Life

I’ve never been a morning person. And still would not be able to call myself one. If you talk to me before 10am you will soon become aware of it. I used to be the “roll out of bed – coffee – clothes – teeth – work” type. The faster my morning routine went the quicker the morning could be over. With time I came to realize, there is a lot of power in starting the day right. With time I mean with COVID. Lockdowns helped me turn into a person that respects her mornings – at least something humane came out of that time.
Here’s the thing that I noticed:

If you start your day with things that bring you joy, it will be easier to be happy.

It’s very simple. It may not last all day, but when you are done with your day you can look back and remember “Hey there was that 20min I spent on myself”. Most of our days get taken over by obligations and chores, it’s hard to build in slots that are dedicated to our wellbeing. When we feel good, we do good. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself (also because you only have one life and you deserve to live the best life their is). Creating that space first thing in the day sets the tone. You are putting yourself first – first thing of the day. So here are some tips from a non-morning person on how to enjoy your mornings:

  1. Set your alarm 10min earlier.
    And then snooze it. You heard me. Stay in the hay. Rest a minute longer. Take it easy. A concept of meditation is “falling awake”. We often talk about falling asleep, but never give ourselves the time to fall awake. Give yourself that extra time to move from a resting mindset to an awoken state.
  2. Find a meditative state.
    I do the old fashioned meditation, but do whatever you consider meditative. Stretch, sip your coffee slowly while looking out the window. Take a moment to be. Find yourself back in your space and in your body. The rest of the day – till the evening you will be doing. So take a moment to be.
  3. Do one thing you love.
    Plan 5-10min of one thing that makes you happy. Be it writing to a friend, reading the news or twitter (which some may also call the news), listening to music, going for a walk, tending your garden. Make sure you’ve spent at least 0.3% (that’s 5min of your day) on something that is important to you and makes you feel good.
  4. Try not to look at your phone.
    If you do – because you like to read the news online or check your affirmation app, that is ok. But try not to check social media till at least noon. So many studies have been conducted on how being off social media helps people feel happier and healthier. You’ll have enough time to check social media while you are on the toilet. It doesn’t need to invade your space first thing of the day.

The first thing of the day should be dedicated to you. At least give yourself that. Finding time for things is harder and harder in this day and age – take those 10-20min each morning to focus on you and your wellbeing. It will help you love your mornings. Trust me, speaking to you as a former anti-morning person.

Have any tips to share? Share them below – I’d love to hear them

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