Life Comes in Small Packages

Why Small Changes Result in the Biggest Results

The pandemic has stopped many of us from doing big things in our lives – international travel, having a big wedding or large graduation ceremony, even starting college on campus or seeing our favourite bands live. All these things that make us feel alive have been put on hold. Occasions where the biggest milestones of our lives are celebrated are now muted. Without being able to do all these big things we feel like we are not living our best lives. That we are not living a life to it’s full potential or living at all.

What we are forgetting is that life does not happen in these milestones. Life is what gets us to these milestones. Life is not a bunch of big moments, but rather each moment day in and day out. Life is how you start your day, how often you smile and how you feel throughout. These small moments accumulate to more time than what that spent living in the milestone moment. We spend too much time focused on goals and achievements rather than how we live day in and day out. Why is that?

Because it’s harder. It’s much harder to find happiness, calm and balance every single day of your life than on a two week trip to Thailand. We give ourselves something to hold on to, to look forward to and ignore the day to day. We get by and wait for Friday night, for the next vacation, for the next big adventure. What kind of life is it, to only live for certain moments? We would get the most out of life if we lived it every minute of every day.

How do we bring this happiness into our everyday lives? It’s hard to feel like you are getting the most out of live with chores, jobs and daily to do lists to just feel like you are living your best life all the time. So just start small. Start by integrating small activities that make you happy into your day. These small moments of happiness will improve your general mood and eventually result into a happier life. Write down all the things that make you happy. If you can’t think of them right away, monitor over the next couple of weeks what really lights you up and find ways to add it into your life. Small changes throughout the day will add up. We tend to underestimate just how much of an impact these small changes will have on our lives in the long run. Just start by changing one minor thing. You will notice its impact right away. Be it a daily walk, eating a square of chocolate after you have put the laundry in, listening to music while in the shower. These moments will make you feel alive and enjoy being alive even more.

Life is lived in daily moments. You deserve to live a life full of smaller pleasurable moments, not ones that have you looking forward to escaping your life.

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