Drowning in the World of Small Things

Whatsapp. Dishes. Email. Floss. Calls. Laundry. Pings. More Dishes. More emails more whatsapps. To feel like you are drowning under a ton of to dos, lists and chores is something most people feel everyday. Activities and demands. It feels like an everlasting loop. Day to day we live in and out with various goals and items we set our mind to doing. Sometimes we do them, sometimes we only do them for a while and sometimes we just never take them up.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were confronted with having more time at home, which enabled us to finally get around to doing what we have always wanted to do. Take that cooking class or write that novel we’ve always had in mind. Some people managed to do great things during that time even with the weight of sickness and death all around, and some managed to get by without doing so much, which was more than enough.

There is this focus I find in humanity to fixate on small things. Well, small is a relative term for as the first person on the moon Neil Armstrong put it a small step can mean a leap in another context. What what I mean is, how often do we focus on the big picture? How often do we take a step back and look at our lives, its purpose and if what you are doing every day is getting you there?

I know purpose is a hot topic. And for some, a painful topic. Some people feel lost for not having it. I too spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is and what it means to me. It’s scary to think you may not have a goal or a vision in mind for your life. The fear of becoming aware of that emptiness is what drives a lot of people into looking for meaning in small things, like cars, houses, their jobs or trips abroad. I’m not saying its wrong to have meaning in all these things. What I am saying is, they should all be equaling up to something. For example, say your overarching goal in life is to live the most comfortable life. Then what of your life are you doing today to get there? Your goals are not to be judged, least at all by me. And you don’t have to tell them anyone if you do not feel comfortable.

If you are having a hard time thinking of them, here are some examples I have found on the good old internet:

  • Having a successful career
  • Making sure my family is provided for
  • Teach others as much as I can
  • Making positive connections with others and enjoying those around me
  • Invent things that change the world
  • Make the world a better place
  • Experience all that life has to offer
  • Make are people enjoy
  • Empowering others and empower myself
  • Telling other people’s stories
  • Spreading more kindness into the world
  • Living a life full of adventure

Having an overarching goal will not only make you feel more fulfilled and give you a sense of direction, purpose and goal in your life. It will also help tune out all the noise in the world. It will help guide you on what you want to focus on. Rather than having small things overwhelm you and bury you, you will be able to put them aside when you know you need to in order to achieve your life’s goal. You can actively with purpose find small goals that guide you towards your bigger purpose. When you get lost, it is a light that never goes out. Do also note, that these might morph with time. They might change and that is more than ok. Because at the end of the day, life is a journey with many twists and no finish line.

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