When To Do Nothing

I don’t know if it is a sign of the days, or if humans have always been this way, but we often feel like we have to be doing something. We are always looking ahead of us, always focused on development – on the next thing. We plan, we look ahead of us, we always strive to do better – to enjoy more, to find more excitement to add novelty in our lives. The concept of living in the now is very hard for most of us. If it wasn’t, I am not sure mindfulness as a concept would exist. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being prepared for what comes your way, knowing where you want to go in life and focusing on building a life with purpose and intention are all remarkable and necessary things. Yet it should be leveled out with living your life in the present and the amount of time to rest.

Often, the time of rest is more vital than we think. At lot of the time when we face a dilemma, when we feel we need to make a decision or act to the situation. When facing uncertainty, we feel we have to figure things out. To have an answer and know what we want. More often than none doing nothing is exactly what we need to do. When you don’t know what your next steps are, when you don’t know what you want in life, the best course of action is to do nothing.

The thing is, you will know when you know. The answer will come to you and if it doesn’t then you were not supposed to do anything in the first place. Often not knowing is a sign of the fact that you shouldn’t do anything. It’s like when you are driving and you are not sure which is your lane. Just wait till the town shows up on a sign before you react (if Google Maps is not helping). There will be a sign when you need it. For my readers you know I am not a spiritual person. I believe in your gut. Trust yourself to know what you want. If you really want something you will go for it and you will know. Like you know if you want another block of chocolate or not (you do want it) or if you want to go get up out of bed or not (you probably don’t want to till you are ready). I have been in the place before where I felt I didn’t know, but in truth, if I would have known what I wanted I just would have reacted to it.

You know, when you know.

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