Tips On Managing Stress

No matter how much we try sometimes, stress is something that creeps up on us. We can try as hard as we want to avoid it, but sometimes it seems no amount of meditation or premeditated measures can prevent stress from arising in our lives. Sometimes it’s even hard to notice we are reacting to stress because we are so far into the stress we can barely recognize who we are. The best thing to do when you do notice you are being overtaken by stress is to mitigate. There are many ways you can take a step back from the stressful situation – find one that works for you. In the meantime, try out these

A quick and simple way to remove yourself from the situation is to put headphones on and listen to music. It’s a simple act and you don’t even need to leave your desk to do so. Just put on those headphones and slip into a new world. Even just a second that you detach yourself from the current situation will help you gain some perspective.

Move Your Body
Move whatever way you can. I know it’s easy to get pulled into the moment and feeling like stepping away seems impossible. But the moment you do your body will get really excited you are letting it live out the adrenaline. You will feel more connected with your body – your thoughts won’t be flooding your head, but the dam will be realized and your body can help you deal with the stress in your head. Walk to the bathroom, the water cooler, stretch to the ceiling, do what ever you can to add some movement to the situation.

Shake It Out
A really nice way to let out stress from your body is to shake it out. Shake out your hands, your shoulders what ever you can just release that tension in your body. Even just turning your ankles under your desk my help you feel more relaxed. I know people that go to the office bathroom just to jump around a bit.

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