The Key to Life Is Age

It’s so much fun watching yourself grow. I almost cringe thinking back about all the things I didn’t know. You won’t hear this often but I will say it – I love aging. I met girls younger than myself and they ask me about how to become more confident (there are tips and tricks), how will you find out what you want in life (many great exercises to find out, also bare in mind this constantly changes!) and how do you feel comfortable in your own skin (practice self love and self acceptance on repeat). While there are ways to train it, the easiest and simplest support to having this in your life, is literally just getting older.

Don’t get me wrong. Just aging alone, won’t make you better. It’s not like wine that just gets better from sitting there. You will not improve by doing nothing. It’s the combination – of having more time to self reflect, having more time to practice self love and self compassion as well as having more exposure to various situations that help you mature into a more confident, purposeful and self loving human. Life is a journey and the longer you have been on it the more time you have to refine your trip.

I find it heartbreaking how many people don’t like aging. It’s a real shame as each year is an accomplishment and each additional day in your life is a possibility not only to live but to also live your best life. Who really wants to go back to being a lost, confused teenager? Each lesson you have in your life, good ones just as much as the bad, teach you more about being alive which is in essence, all we were made to do by being brought into this world. Change your mindset to be focused on the beauty of your age and the achievement of making it this far. Everything else is a tragedy.

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