Four Surprising Benefits of Failure

Lately I’ve been wondering about the power of failure. In my life, I have always kept failure at bay by making goals that I was sure I was going to achieve. I told myself I was setting attainable goals, but realized and I wasn’t just setting attainable goals, I was setting simple and easy goals. I listened to an interview of a Singaporean entrepreneur who said something in the words of: “When you set goals you never achieve them the first time right? You always need a couple of tries”. That wasn’t the case for me, so I set out to explore if missing failure in my life could have a negative impact. So I researched, what are the unexpected benefits of failure that I might be missing out on?

Failure Builds Resilience
There is only one way to build resilience. It’s to go through hardship and tough situations. That’s the bad news about resilience, you have to go through some really hard stuff to build it. The the good news is that it is a skill that can be taught to all. By facing failure, you build tolerance towards the negative effects that it brings. You grow thicker skin so to say.

Failure Defines You
Each one of your achievements define you, so do your failures. Not in a negative way. You become a person that understands defeat and your competences better than others. You not only get to know yourself better, you also get a better understanding of how situations effect you and you build unique experiences that build your character.

Failure Makes You A Better Person
In general, you will be more understanding towards other people and any hardships or challenges they go through. You will be able to find compassion for people where you may not have before. You have a broad understanding of what people can go through.

Failure Makes You Smarter
And not only that, you have learned lessons, valuable lessons, that others who never failed never will. Perhaps it’s a project gone wrong at work, a shelf you couldn’t build or an exam that you didn’t pass. Each teach you something about circumstances in life and stop you from going about the situations the same way as you already have.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson that failure can teach you is that failing is not so bad after all.

What goal are you willing to fail for?

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