Change How You Perceive Time

Make Time Be on Your Side

We often feel like we do not have enough time for certain things. There are many quotes about time – “Time flies when you are having fun” or “Time waits on no one”. While it is correct that we cannot control time, we can control how we spend our time. Time is one of the few things gifted to us with no cost and we do not know how much we have of it. This is one thing that saddens me about a lot of people I speak to. Rather than accepting that the time they have is to be embraced and cherished, they focus on the fact that it is never enough.

You can do something about the time you have, what you cannot is determine how much time you will have on this earth. Instead, this is the one thing I find many people focus on. They complain how they are busy with work, how the year has run out and that there should be more hours in the day. Yet – you are completely in charge of who you want to spend that time. We created a system of numbers to help us navigate time. This does not mean though, that time is limited to those numbers. A lot of things are organic when it comes to change. Certain people need longer to implement a change – some people need more preparation while others need more time to adjust and reflect. Some people needs weeks to learn a language, while others need years. The thought that everything should be done within the same time frame as everyone else is what hinders us in living happy lives to the max of our potential. Why does it matter it took you longer to get a degree? Or to find the love of your life? Why is time another system we use to measure ourselves by and compare ourselves to others?

We see time as our enemy. As something we need to make sure we have more of – if we don’t, it will run away from us and we failed. We would like to think that with change it’s just a one time investment. I know so many life coaches that tell people just one session will change their life. They will have it all figured out after a short 60min session. If it’s so easy – then why isn’t it a 5min session? We all want to have the quick wins, because we want to have more time. It’s like a commodity we want to invest little to get a lot back without taking any risk. The more the better, so we think. We spend more energy on trying to get stuff done as fast as possible, or by a certain timeline than we do on ensuring we spend the time wisely.

I would like to empower you to change your perspective. Rather than trying to find ways to do stuff more efficiently, take a second to reflect what you are spending your time on. Write a list of the top 5 things that occupy your time on the left. Next to it on the right. write a list of 5 things you would like to spend your time doing, things that make your happy and give you the energy you need. If they overlap – you must be a very happy person. For most of us, they do not overlap. Find ways to limit time and energy on the list of the left so there is more for the items on the right. Focus on how you spend your time, instead of trying to create more time to spend it on things you don’t like doing anyway.

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