3 Rules To Change Your Covid Blues

Look. I’m so sick of Covid-19. I’m tired of writing nice well thought through blog posts about it. I’m so tired of it taking lives and causing so much pain, I’m so over it limiting my everyday life, I’m tired of hearing more and more cases and I’m fed up with the uncertainty of not knowing when it will end or how it will turn out. I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming – I can’t believe I was so naive to think life would just keep going the way that I had planned it.

And yet at the same time, it is reality. It is my life, it is your life too and there is nothing either of us can do about it. You have to be conscious and aware that this is your life and the only life you will ever get. It’s hard to be in love with your life when you can’t live it the way you want to. I’ve been focusing on the fact that I only have one life and as frustrating as it is, COVID is (and as is seems will be from now on) a part of it. So the only thing we can actually do is decide how do we get by in this situation and stay positive. Here are some tricks that have helped me switch my perspective when I felt like things were getting too hard:

Rule Number 1: Do not compare
It’s apples and oranges. It’s peanuts and raisins. It might still be your life, but this time it’s during a pandemic. You can’t compare to the time before it or to how other people are living. It won’t get you anywhere. Anytime you notice yourself comparing, tell yourself that life was a movie. Or was a dream. It was a fictional novel. It is not a possibility in this current life so it’s not logical to compare. What is the point? It will not get you anywhere and it won’t make you feel better. Rather if you have to compare, think about a day ago or a month ago. That I can allow you.

Rule Number 2: Shake it off
Anytime you notice yourself get frustrated, do a little dance move. Look everything about a mass pandemic sucks and I am never one to say you should change how you feel. You should always always ALWAYS feel whatever you do feel (this is a rule but in another book). But sometimes it gets too much and is hard to manage. So just distracting yourself for a second will boost your mood. It will help you shake out from underneath it. Some people do a shimmy, others just snap their fingers to a song they remember, the way you do it, the size of the action and the duration – its all up to you.

Rule Number 3: Look for love and you will find it
Fill your life with stuff you love. We tend to forget that each day is still valuable, can still teach you so much and give you so much joy. Every day has the potential of getting worse but also better. You’ve already been through the worst days of your life why wouldn’t you get through this one? Focus on your wellbeing, on what makes you happy and what brings you joy. You have the time now to think about ways to add more of it. If COVID does not let you do the stuff you love, take the time to discover other things. Dare to dream a bit.

Unofficial Rule Number 4: Don’t forget you only get one life. Don’t forget to enjoy your time.

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