When You Can’t Change Life The Way You Want – Covid Edition.

When you want to things to change, but your surroundings don’t let you.

Covid has changed all our lives. It has limited our freedom and molded our lives in ways far beyond our control. It seems like a little price to pay, where others have had to pay much higher prices. We’ve all been suffering from the lack of control on our lives, letting it be determined by others to a great extent. Rebellions are taking case across the globe, some bigger, like protests, some smaller, like people refusing to wear masks properly. Our lives have changed in the sense that we have less power to change them.

I urge you to not give up on the change you want to see in your life but rather to be creative. Don’t let yourself become passive. Continue to be a driver of a life you want to see being lived by you. Often we model our lives after others, either lives we have seen or heard of. It’s more than normal to be inspired by others. We learn from others all our lives, from our parents, to teachers, or books written by strangers. How life is lived is often determined by lives that have been lived. But being forced to think outside of the box might help you find options that work better for you. So you can’t join a gym, but it will give you the chance to explore exercises you can do from home and that a wide variation of it. You can try all kinds of online exercises, that way learn what is out there and that you actually enjoy. There are also online personal trainers. The range of choices only expand if you look further than what you already know.

One show stopper is those who have wanted to travel more. Try to add more adventure to your life but learning a language of a country you wanted to visit, try cooking a cuisine from a country or watching a movie. Get acquainted so when you can travel, you are prepared. It seems like a small comfort to actually being able to visit a place, but the urge to travel usually comes from a longing of something different and some adventure.

Take the time to get to know yourself, and to build a life that you author. Perhaps it will give you greater satisfaction than a life modeled by others.

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