Dealing with Lock Down Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of the less fortunate circumstances we can find ourselves in. Not knowing what will happen next, how the next couple of months or weeks will look like or when this new state of lock down will end causes anxiety, irritation and confusion for most of us. Even for those of us that have never been planners before. For those who are lucky not to suffer from the virus have found themselves suffering from our own thoughts. This virus has hit everyone at home, quite literally.

Many of us have resulted to being productive, making bread or tik tok videos. Some of us are trying out various ways to be unproductive, like watching Tiger King. In both scenarios, we are trying to take our mind off the fact that we are in a situation we don’t know how it will develop or when it will end.

Which is an unknown situation for us. Humans spend so much of their time categorizing and planning. Since you are born, the next 18 years are lined out for you. Kindergarten and High school are mandatory in most countries, we don’t have a choice but to know what path is laid out ahead of us. That’s just in the big scale of things. We think ahead every day – we plan vacations, we plan birthday parties, Christmas, we write to do lists, schedule play dates and reserve dinners in restaurants. And now all of a sudden, we cannot plan as we don’t know what lays ahead of us. How will it end if it even ends? Will it get worse? What does worse even mean? What does it mean for me?

How destructive this was to everyone’s lives I am not sure we will be even able to measure once this is over. I sure can say I find it hard to grasp in words to myself. So the question remains – what can we do? Even for the more spontaneous of us, how can we learn to handle the unknown fate of our every day lives?

It’s best to focus on what you do know. State out the facts and think how can you plan within those guidelines. Ok, lock down will be for at least another month – plan activities and a life in doors for the month ahead. Only plan for that time period, it will make you feel in control and give you something to look forward to. Be as strict as you want with them, you can determine the exact day and time for an activity (like Taco Tuesday nights) or leave some room to be flexible in case you don’t feel like those activities. The activities can also just be small things like – red wine on Friday or coffee at 2pm. Minor things that will make you feel in control and give you some structure.

You do you and comment your tricks to deal with uncertainty below!


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