The Fruits of Being Unproductive

When Lock down looks like Procrastination

Lock Down is a new concept for everyone. Never has this generation or the last been forced to stay home and live life with so many restrictions. A lot of us feel a little lost. The usual day to day things we were used to have now gone. Even things we hate and have learned to adapt to such as commuting, taking out the rubbish or going to the dentist all disappear and we even find ourselves missing them. Its a confusing time and no one has been through it before that we can turn to for guidance or to hear some comfortable words such as “It gets better” or “It gets easier”. No one knows. There is no data, no reference points and no feeling of when this will end.

Many of us turn to blogs or newspapers to read about how we can handle this situation. I wrote a blog two weeks ago about how to deal with anxiety, inspired by all the questions I was receiving from the people around me. Many of us are not just confused with how to handle this time but what to do with all our time as well.  A lot of articles circulating these days are about how to take online classes, watch yoga videos, start meditating or books and movies people recommend. We are not used to having so much time. Our lives with things – candy crush, books, instagram, facebook, online shopping, finger food, movies – we are the number one generation of killing time. Before the lock down, ask yourself when was the last time you were bored?


So now we are in this weird situation and there is so much you can do. You could work longer hours, you could do a push up challenge, finally learn Spanish or master a hand stand – or you could, and this is truly daring, just do nothing. You could just learn to be. Its a habit we have unlearned. No generation in the history of human kind, no animal in nature is as preoccupied with things as we are. We could spend a long time discussing why that is (comment on this post to get started!), but in general its a thing we have unlearned. And what a habit to have. Can you imagine just sitting at the doctors office and looking into space? Not being restless, looking for something to kill the time but just to sit? What an amazing superpower that would be. I go for a run and am terrified my phone might run out of batteries because god forbid I spend a minute with my thoughts.

We focus on delivery in our society. On making the deadline, getting good grades, having a certain amount of likes on facebook or instagram followers. Achievements are in the forefront and whoever you are reading this – I am sure you have delivered a fair share of those. You probably graduated primary school, you must have had a job once in your lifetime and if not, you have focused on getting healthy. Everyone has had at least one deliverable to date. A deliverable that did not focus on recharging your batteries. So if there is a time you can tell yourself to take a step back from giving or trying, then this is it. I’m not saying give up on life or don’t bother living. I am saying, if you want to sleep all day and it makes you feel good do. If you want to play candy crush or watch TV before starting work just do. If you want to stop working out because you used to go the gym all the time but now just doesn’t feel right, then do. This is a new strange environment and it will take some time for you to get used to. There is no one right way to approach this, so stop putting pressure on yourself. You can always learn Spanish back when Lock Down ends, you don’t have to have things figured out right now. Your definition or your best life will need adapting during these times. Just as you have had to accept this Lock Down, learn to accept that you might not know what you want to do and you might just want to do nothing. And accept that that is fine.

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