The Infinite To Do List

Anyone else wake up on Sunday morning and think about what they have to get done for the day? Writing it out like that just seems crazy – it’s supposed to be the day of rest. In many countries most stores are closed on Sundays, its Oprah’s soulful Sunday and instagram’s self-care Sunday. No one mentions “To-Do Sundays” – and yet, if you spend your Sundays doing no chores, not cleaning, not going to some function due to social obligations I would say you must be the Dali Lama because if you are human – 99% chance is you are working off your To-Do List with any free time you might have.


Most of the time we usually are working on what we must do. Even on a Sunday. Some of us write lists, others keep repeating the tasks in our head what, others use self-guilt – whatever it is, we all find ways to get stuff done. Life is full of chores and fun fact – you will never be fully free of things you have to do. You will need to brush your teeth, you will need to shower, you will need to feed yourself. Basics are tasks too. The goal is to find the balance between the things you need to do and the things you want to do. The have to is inevitable, so try to mix it with things that make you happy. Do chores with your loved ones, listening to your favourite music or podcast while cleaning, watch a TV show while ironing. Mix and match to not feel completely drained.


Yet sometimes we even go to the extent that we invent stuff to do. I often catch myself thinking “What else do I need to do?”. I know I’m not the only one when I talk to people around me. We are constantly thinking about what needs to be done and when we should do it with the limited free time we have. Instead of making sure in our free time we recuperate, we fill it with more energy draining tasks. Do we even know how to do nothing? People go on vacation and fill it with things to do. People can’t imagine meditating, or just waiting for the bus without checking their phones. I wait for the bus and think about what I can get done so I have less to do, by for example answering work emails, which just creates more email flow. Have we gotten to a point where we don’t know any more just how to be? In a society where functioning and delivering is a highly valued commodity, we fear being lazy, we fear not producing.


Perhaps its time though, to practice not adding to your To do List. Even machines need maintenance – take the time to give yourself some maintenance. You are your most valued commodity. What’s the worst thing that can happen, if for one Sunday, you just decide to do everything you felt like doing and nothing of what needs to be done?

Go on, give it a try and let me know what’s the worst thing that happened.

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