I Get Knocked Down – But I Get Up again, Never Ever Gonna Keep me Down

Not only a great song – but a great life motto. Occasionally – you will be knocked down. If its not life following its usual course, it will be people or circumstances. Life is tough, set backs are normal. Some people compare life to a river – it flows in one direction, it never stops – sometimes there is more water and the river is more rough and other times it is more calm, like a trickle. There are times in life everything can be too much or one thing can be too much and we just feel down.

Sometimes we don’t know why we are down. Its great if you can find out, take a step back, have a cup of tea or a coffee and check in with yourself. Ask yourself honesty, what is making you feel down. You don’t have to tell anyone your thoughts – you don’t have to admit to anyone but yourself that you may be perhaps jealous or insecure or just overwhelmed. Be your own  therapist or whatever you want to call it. Just be sure to be non-judgemental – no one needs to know. Just be honest. Give it a go, you might be surprised to find it will not hurt you as much as you think.

And if you do sit there, waiting to find out what is getting you down, but you don’t that is ok. Sometimes its just the amount of things we need to do in a day. Frequently, life just can be too much. The current can be too strong.

My trick here is to balance out the things that weigh you down with things that make you feel light. For example, if you need to binge watch Netflix, then be my guest. If this is what it takes for you to tank your engine, please do so. Do not get into destructive behavior – I know sometimes we feel like drinking tons of wine or calling an ex will make us feel better but it wont. Generally – if it didn’t make you happy as a 10 year old – then don’t do it. Stick to those things that as a child gave you the strength to grow – they will empower you again. You will get knocked down, take your time to get back up again. If it takes days, weeks whatever it may. Remember if life is a river – it will continue to move forwards.getting-up-is-living

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