You Do You – its More Than a Catchy Saying

I cannot stress enough the importance of you doing you. No, I am not talking about some self pleasing gesture, what I mean by that is that you do what makes you happy – what gives you energy. And not copying what other people do. We are often uncertain in life or overwhelmed with too many options we look to others to guide us. We look at our friends or society, we look at their lives and the things they do and often consider that what works for them would work for us.

Especially when it comes to social events such as weddings or birthdays, we tend to be driven to do something other people do, just because they are created by society so we do what we feel society would want us to do.

But you might have noticed by now, if you do what other people do, you may feel more anxious or stress. You may feel more lost than if you just did what you wanted to do. It might seem easy to simply copy others, yet it will cost you more energy because you are forcing yourself to comply to what is natural to others and not yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing what you want for your wedding or birthday. If you want to wear flats down the aisle, wear flats. If you want to stay home for your 30th and order in, do that. Find out what makes you happy and not what makes others happy. This will not only come easy to you but oh my god – it will feel so liberating! So fulfilling and so rewarding that you are listening to yourself and doing well for yourself.

And if you fear that others might judge you (which should never matter anyway, but is somethings hard to switch off) you just might find you not only inspire people by doing your own thing but also impress them that you are listening to yourself. Shine the light in your awesomeness. Be brave, be bold, be you.d1584da132fc6673c8779de29ccc41d7

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