Why is the Finish Line More Exciting Than the Run?

I have many goals – become fluent in a new language, learn new recipes, play new songs on my weapon of choice – the ukelele. The easiest thing is to define the goals. I hear people speak of goals all the time “I want to do a trip alone”, “I want to lose 5 pounds”. Intentions are easily defined. Then starting to work on them is not too hard – you buy running shoes, you stop eating fries, you do the first steps in the right direction. Actually achieving them is also, really rewarding. Fitting into those jeans you haven’t in 5 years, sitting on a empty beach alone with a drink in your hand – you set your mind on something and then you did it. What an amazing leap that is.

Yet, the journey in between can be so hard – it is at times so not enjoyable that we quit on our goals. Its almost as if you are testing your determination than growing. Its so frustrating – the setting the goal and achieving it are the motivating factors. And the middle part, the longest part is the journey there that is rarely enjoyed. How can you get about it?

1. Set small goals inside a large goal. Give yourself little wins to keep you going and celebrate each one. For example, when you lose two pounds, it means you are on the right way! If you learn a new word each day, by the end of the week repeat them to yourself and treat yourself for remembering them! Celebrate the journey.

2. Write a diary where you can track your progress. Perhaps it is personal growth you are striving for, you can flip back over the pages and see how you felt and notice you no longer feel this way. You might be taking larger steps in the right direction than you actually feel.

3. Find people that support you on your journey. People that you can tell you progress to, people that will see you do the 5k run and then come to watch you run the marathon. Perhaps find people that have similar goals you can exchange with about your journey. Sometimes its so hard to stay focused, other people can help guide you on your way so you don’t stray.

Anyone motivated to achieve any goal is impressive. And if you are on the journey – that is also very impressive. I believe in you, you can achieve it. Find ways to get through the journey and perhaps even enjoy it.

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