GOALS = Great Obstacles to Achieve in Life

I myself am not a follower of New Years resolutions as I believe goals are something you should continuously be setting. Then again, I am a weird person who thinks blogging about life is super relaxing so don’t hold me to a standard. Either way, it doesn’t matter when you are setting your goals, as long as you are. Goals help us have a direction in life and give us a purpose. Life tends to be chaotic, so many things are out of our control, like the weather, our daily commute or the date milk expires. Goals give us the feeling that we at least have a direction in all this chaos and ensure personal growth. I am a big fan of goals – and I am also the first one to say – goals can be absolutely terrifying.

The terrifying thing about goals is: What if I fail? Or – what if I achieve them, what will it mean? How do I achieve them- what will it cost me?

A goal that doesn’t terrify you is not really a goal. Its more a task. Something that is just added to your regular to do list. A goal should make you feel like you are advancing, progressing in a certain direction. Its growth and most growth doesn’t come without growing pains – or you outgrowing someone or something.

With these obstacles, its easy to hit some setbacks. Or even just to get tired of pursuing a goal. Lets face it – its scary and exhausting and a lot of the time we ask ourselves, is it really worth the personal struggle just to grow a bit. Especially since no one is holding us accountable but we ourselves, I mean, whom would it really harm if the goal is you know, postponed? But I would like to emphasize that there is a reason why you set the goal in the first place. No one told you to, no one mandated it to you. Its something you wanted to do for yourself. So here are some ways you can facilitate achieving your goals, and making them less terrifying:

1) Think big: Sometimes its better if you set a theme, like live healthier instead of “lost 10 pounds” because as you know when you start working out you gain muscle and hence weight. Which would be counterproductive of your goal but eventually lead to weight loss. It might get you to give up on your goal because the scale goes up. Think of a theme and do the next step:

2) Act small: Set minor milestones that help you track your progress. For example, be able to run 5miles, or be able to ask for directions in Spanish. Small milestones are the best and personal favourite thing about setting goals – you track your progress! It makes you feel continuously like you are achieving something. And if you don’t achieve your overall goal – at least you order food in Italian!

3) Remember set backs are normal! Some days are good, some days are bad. Breathe and continue the next day. If you want to do Dry January but then have a drink – its not horrible! Just do an extra day in February. Life is constant adjustment to circumstances. As long as you stay focused on your “Think Big” goal, you will get there.

4) Make your goal measurable – have a checklist and write down your act small items and check them off. You need to keep checking in to see if you still want this goal or if you want to adjust it. Adjusting, removing, adapting the goal is totally fine. If its not making you happy and you don’t feel you are growing that is ok. No need to waste energy in something you are not convinced of. Just set another goal and start by point 2.

5) Remember – you set a goal. That is huge. Be proud of yourself where ever your path may take you, you decided to invest in yourself. That’s a step in the right direction – in creating the best version of you.

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