There’s a Reason for the Comfort Zone – Don’t Leave It

One of the things I truly love in my life is my comfort zone. Its warm. Its far away from other people. And its tiny. It ends at the edge of my bed. Yet from this area, I feel like I concur the world. I have learned languages, read classics, watched movies that taught me about human kind, finished entire degrees, planned international adventures and spent many hours recuperating from life, charging myself with energy to make sure the next day I can kick ass. Also – guess where I am writing this from? Yes that’s right – my comfort zone. Here is where I feel I gather all the different things that go on in life and I can sort them. Here I feel like I take a minute to figure out what I want and how I feel. This is so to say my office for my life.

So – one of the things I truly hate in my life is the quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Why should it? Is this quote just trying to tell people that the only way you can live life is if you are not living your every day life? Like – grabbing a coffee with a friend, watching your favourite TV show, enjoying a cup of tea – is that not life? Is that not what life is all about? Why is there so much pressure in society to push yourself, to throw yourself in situations that are hard for you? You can grow some much in an area that doesn’t frighten you, haven’t studies shown that encouragement is what helps children learn, not fear?

I guess what the quote is trying to do is make it clear that if you want to feel alive, you have to do something accelerating. Something perhaps that scares you. Something that thrills you. Yet I wonder when it became a thing that life is something outside of your regular everyday life and its little pleasures. People that live life which revolves around traveling the world, are yoga instructors in different countries every couple of months, volunteer in random countries and go sky diving. The rest of us just are given the perception that we just exist. We are told, we are not living, because we are in our comfort zones. Yet I am here to dispute that. Being happy with just your comfort zone – that is an accomplishment. Not that I am saying all the other adventurous stuff isn’t an accomplishment, but the real challenge in life is not being distracting with exciting, scary things. But its about making your comfort zone as thrilling, exciting, energetic, rejuvenating as much as you need it to be.

The quote should not be “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” but “Life is all about that comfort zone”. Who’s with me?

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